How to Fix Old Photos

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How to Fix Old Photos by Yourself

There is no better way to go back in time than with old photographs. Sadly, such delicate things quickly wither and fall apart. Is there a chance to save them and give them a new life? Well, you can have them professionally fixed. Don’t want to picture the enormous bill you’ll have to pay? Neither do we.

Luckily, you can now fix your damaged pictures at home, right on your PC. Do it with PhotoGlory, a smart old photo editor that can help you easily remove all the defects and bring back lost colors to your pics. So if you want to keep your family archive intact, keep on reading to find out how to fix old pictures hasslefree!

Damaged picture before
Repaired picture after

Want to do the same with your images? First of all, you need to digitize your old paper photo. You can either run it through a scanner, or you can reshoot it with a digital camera, then upload it to your PC. Next, you’ll need PhotoGlory. Download this photo restoration software for free, open your damaged photo in it, then follow this simple guide.

How to Fix Old Photos Step-By-Step

Think you don’t have the chops to touch up old photos by yourself? You shouldn’t - it’s easy like counting to 3.

Step 1. Cut Away Damaged Edges

Most likely your old picture has battered corners and ripped edges. Rather than wasting your time trying to mend them, you can simply crop them out. Start PhotoGlory and open your old picture in it. Switch to the Tools tab and pick the Crop tool. Adjust the frame to leave the ripped edges outside it.

Cut away damaged edges
The first step of fixing old photos is cropping away all the worn-out corners

Step 2. Get Rid of All the Defects

PhotoGlory comes with three smart tools to erase all the imprints of time that ruin your old pic. The Healing brush is perfect for removing fine creases and smaller stains. The Clone stamp tool can help you get rid of bigger tears and blobs. If you need to cover large defects or recreate missing parts of the picture, then go with the Patch tool. All these tools are easy to use and come with mini tips that help you master them quicker.

Remove tears and scratches
Turn on markers to see all the areas you retouched

Step 3. Add a Splash of Color

If your old picture is grayscale, you can easily colorize it. Go to the Enhancement tab and click the Colorize button. PhotoGlory will analyze the objects in the picture and will select fitting colors for all of them. So you can be sure that the grass will be green and the sky will be blue.

Colorize your B&W photo
The automatic colorization feature feels like magic, but it’s just smart AI doing its job

If you feel like some parts of your newly-colored picture could use some touching up, do it manually. Under the Retouch tab, you’ll find the Coloring tool, that’ll allow you to paint your photo by hand. You can either select shades from a color picker or use the eyedropper tool to pick colors right from the photo. There is also a color panel of the photo’s 20 prevailing hues that PhotoGlory has compiled after the picture’s colorization.

In case your old photo had once been bright, but now has lost all the juice, you can bring the colors back to life with Auto Color Correction from the Enhancement tab. Just a click, and the vibrance and contrast of your picture will be restored.

AltThe more you know...
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Fix geometry flaws with PhotoGlory
Quit tilting your head - just starighten the photo

Fix Geometry Flaws

Scanned or reshot your picture at a weird angle and now it’s tilted? This is where PhotoGlory’s Geometry tool comes in handy. With it, you can straighten a slanted picture in a second. Even warped pictures can be easily remedied. Whatever the cause was - wrong shooting angle or a poor choice of the lens - you can get rid of any kind of distortion just by dragging a slider.

Remove grain from your vintage photos
Denoise your vintage photo to finally make it out

Clean Up Grainy Photos

Ah, this old school grain - every film photograph had it. It sure gives a nostalgic touch, but it can also ruin the whole picture. So removing the noise can be a great way of enhancing old photographs. With PhotoGlory, you can delete all the distracting grain with a slider drag and enjoy a clean photo.

Add captions and date stamps to your retro images
Let your picture tell the story with captions and dates

Add Stickers & Captions

Have an old picture of a memorable event? Then mark it with a date. PhotoGlory comes with a library of stickers that look like plaques, banners, etc. Add them to your photos, then insert a caption. With tons of professionally designed text styles, you can highlight the delicacy of a 20’s wedding photo or the free spirit of the 70’s era.

Since you now know how to fix old pictures, you don’t have to waste money on professional services to have your old pictures taken care of. All you need is your photo archive, a bit of your time, and a smart and powerful old photo editor. So give your pictures a new lease on life with PhotoGlory!

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