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Powerful photo restoration software

  • Remove scratches, creases, stains, tears
  • Colorize a black and white photo in a click
  • Restore colors to faded & washed out images
  • Add stylized text labels and date stamps
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Best Software to Restore Old Photos for Newbies & Pros

Want to revive your family archive? Save those faded, ripped, and stained photographs? Fix them all with PhotoGlory, an easy but efficient program for restoring old photos. Whether you are new to photo restoration or a pro in the field, you will enjoy the software’s intuitive and semi-automatic workflow, as well as
a stunning result you can accomplish with it. Here’s what you can do with PhotoGlory:
Ease clarity, contrast and saturation correction
Restore photo clarity, contrast and saturation
Two modes for colorization: auto and manual
Colorize B&W photos automatically or manually
Built-in-artistic effects
Enhance your retro pics with 100 built-in effects
Effortless geomerty correction
Straighten tilted pics and crop damaged edges

Colorize Black and White Pictures in One Click

Turn a bleak old photo of your grandma in her twenties into a vibrant colorful portrait! Open your picture with PhotoGlory and click the Colorize button. The software will automatically color your picture. Want to take part in the process? Then modify the colors manually to set your own accents.
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Grayscale photo Colorized photo

Erase All the Nasty Imprints
of Time in a Blink

Want to save a well-thumbed and worn-out picture of your grandparents’ wedding? First, digitize it, then use PhotoGlory to get rid of all unsightly scratches, stains, creases, and other defects. This old photo restoration software comes with high-end tools that will help you remove any flaws.
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Pro-Level Restoration of Old Photos Is Just a Click Away

You think that image restoration is a difficult process? Not with PhotoGlory. This old photo editor comes with a wide range of automatic tools that can fix your pictures in a click. Crop out torn corners, remove stains and scratches, boost dull colors with no effort at all.
Source photo
Crop corners Erase defects Colorize B&W Crop torn corners and colorize Crop torn corners and remove defects Remove defects and colorize Crop corners, remove defects and colorize
Crop worn edges
Remove scratches
Colorize the picture

How to Restore Old Photos - Beginner's Guide


Here is how to save old pics with PhotoGlory:

  • Cut away torn corners. Erase creases, stains, and tears with easy-to-use retouching tools.
  • Bring out the faded colors of your photo. If the image is black and white, colorize it with a click.
  • Stylize your picture with a beautiful effect to recreate the feel of the era. Add captions and date stamps.
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For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

What Else Can You Do with PhotoGlory?

There are more issues that can ruin old pictures apart from scratches and dull colors. But whatever the problem is, PhotoGlory will take care of it. With this picture editor, you can easily convert negatives to positives, restore pictures ripped in half, or fix faded photos. Have a look at what you can achieve
with this photo restoration program:
Negative into positive before Megative into positive after
Turn a negative pic into positive
Assemble ripped photo before Assemble ripped photos after
Assemble a photo ripped in half
Restore faded colors before Restore faded colors after
Restore washed out pictures

Have a Closer Look at the Software

PhotoGlory will be easy to master even for a complete newbie. Thanks to an advanced technology, all edits will be precise, delicate, and natural looking. Whether with automatic effects or with manual control, you will be able to give your old photos a new life. Take a glimpse at this photo restoration software in action:
Manual photo coloring
Toning effects
The Crop tool
Automatic photo coloring
The Clone stamp tool
Captions and texts
Manual coloring
Toning effects
The Crop tool
Automatic coloring
The Clone stamp tool
Captions and texts

Preserve Treasured Memories with PhotoGlory

Save those fragile and precious pictures and introduce them to the digital age. Use PhotoGlory to:
Repair family members’ pictures for the family tree
Fix war photos for Memorial Day or Veterans Day
Print restored images for family photo album
Turn photo restoration into a profitable business

User Reviews

Kristen Jacobs Southend-on-Sea, UK
Star Star Star Star Star
My whole family archive was damaged in a flood. Blotches, stains on every picture. I thought of having them professionally fixed, but it literally costs a fortune! So I downloaded PhotoGlory and by Golly did it do well! Like really well. It took a bit of editing, but I erased all those stains without a trace!
Trevor Cullado Lubbock, TX, USA
Star Star Star Star Star
Wanted to fix my dad’s picture from the Gulf war (him and his army buddies). The picture’s all cracked and faded. Chose PhotoGlory and was glad I did. It brought back all the colors, made the shot a lot clearer. Besides, got rid of those rips and creases really quick. I totally recommend it.
Rita Powter Port Augusta, Australia
Star Star Star Star Star
I’m not good at picture restoration to put it mildly. But i really wanted to surprise my grandma by coloring the picture from her and my grandpa’s wedding. So I decided to give PhotoGlory a try. Didn’t expect much, but it worked like a charm! It took me literally a second to colorize the photo. It looked so beautiful. My grandma loved it!

System requirements

About the program
Version: 6.0
Version number
File size: 91.3 Mb
Fle size
Interface language: English
Price: from $19.25
System requirements
OS: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
CPU: 1 GHz or faster (Intel, AMD)
RAM: 4 GB or more
Hard drive space: min. 500 MB

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  • Turn black and white pictures into colored
  • Erase all the defects from an old photograph
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  • Stylize your images with 100+ vintage filters