About Us

PhotoGlory was developed by AMS Software. Starting off as a small team of enthusiasts, our company has grown into an international business. As of now, AMS Software has over a dozen of programs to its name and millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

This software is our latest passion project aimed at not just restoring your old photos, but also preserving your family legacy. PhotoGlory combines intuitive workflow with powerful tools, making old photo restoration an enthralling and rewarding process.

Just like our users, we love all things photography. We especially adore old photographs and the stories they tell. And we don’t want to see your old photos succumb to age, unfriendly environment, or careless handling. This is why we have created PhotoGlory, a smart but easy tool for restoring damaged and faded images and giving them a new lease on life. Why smart? Because old withered pictures are a delicate matter and require expert performance of AI-powered tools. Why easy? Because old photo restoration should not be the prerogative of professional photo editors. Anyone should be able to repair their family archive regardless of their photo editing capabilities.

We have chosen the name PhotoGlory to reflect the deeper meaning beneath the seemingly simple photo editing. By repairing your old pictures and introducing them to the digital age, you preserve your forebears’ legacy in all its glory. Because the faces of those who came before you should never fade into obscurity.

Have ideas on how to improve PhotoGlory and its features? Or want to share your feedback on the software? Let us know what you think! Our contact details are here.